Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have been absent from the blogging world. Not only is this the longest time I have gone without posting, I am also hopelessly behind in blog reading.

Life has been busy. I went back to work on October 4th.

Balance is now the name of the game. Finding the time to clean, cook, play, and rest. Thank goodness I am only working part-time.

As October loomed I was asked many times how I was feeling going back to work after being home with T. It was a hard question to answer without having experienced what it looks and feels like to work outside the home after becoming a mom. I can now say with confidence that I absolutely love being back at work. From day one it just felt right. I love my job and I love my co-workers. And I love the small break from diapers, naps, and snacks.

Baby T's experience of me going back to work has been less than stellar. He is in a home daycare located just two doors down from us on the same street (how convenient!). Day one at daycare was great. Day two and onward has resulted in hours and hours of wailing and screaming. Our little one is quite persistent. One day, he was so exhausted from crying he fell asleep in the middle of the floor with all the other kids playing around him. Poor baby!

This week he did a bit better. And I know that every week will continue to improve. T's separation anxiety is completely normal, and in a small way it's sort of nice to know that I am missed and am important.

And even though dropping him off tugs at the heartstrings, especially when he cries the silent cry, I still love being back at work. I know he's in good hands and I know that in the end spending some time outside the house will be best for both him and me.

Now that I have a month of this "working mom" thing under my belt, I hope to do a better job of regularly showing up in the blogging world.