Tuesday, November 13, 2012

blogging about blogging


This motherhood thing is hard. It's especially become harder after the addition of baby S. 

I want to be a good blogger. Really. But where is the time?

I love this comment...

Anonymous said...
don't stop. Please? We want to hear how T is doing as a big brother, how baby S is y'all are adjusting to a family of four...the beautiful, the messy, the ugly, the sacred. Please, let us know?

I do want to share. I have many posts running through my head but to get them out is another story! My brain has been abducted by two wee ones...

I know blog posts about blogging are so wrong but even just posting about posting will hopefully inspire me to get back into it. I know there are readers out there. Many readers who do not comment....and some who do.

So here I go.

A promise.

To rewind and blog about life after baby S arrived and all the chaos that ensued.