Tuesday, January 31, 2012

to name a child

I've been reflecting on this whole baby naming business. How odd it feels to me to be in complete control (minus the influence of hubby!) of this part of bringing a child home.

I've blogged before here about the intentional process we chose to name T. D and I thought long and hard about that one and how T's first mom would be impacted. So to now just pick names on our own seems rather arrogant to me. I'm not sure I really believe that naming this baby is the sole responsibility of D and I.

Each of T's three names has a story and very specific meaning behind it. How do I create a similar experience for this baby? I can't and I know that. The naming of this child is different then is most everything else. But I can't help but long for a significant and meaningful story related to this new baby's name. We're trying. Trying to think of names that will elicit an emotional response in us, but that is proving to be difficult.

So interesting to me. To once again be a part of something that most parents take completely forgranted...and this time I'm on the other side.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for your post...I do think it important to name thoughtfully with a story...children love knowing the story and meaning of their name. I would respectfully suggest that many parents who name their children don't take it for my experience, many, even those that conceive in a short time, are amazed and in awe and hugely aware of the incredible gift of life that lies within. Many who "conceive easily" have had relational and life struggles that make being in the position to have a baby in utero a long hard fought battle. May all parents realize the awesome privilege of parenting a child the way you do.

Lavonne said...

@anonymous - thanks for your comment. however you misunderstand my use of the words "take for granted" in the context of naming a child. i come from the perspective of adoption and naming where there is much to consider that most bio parents would never dream about. we take for granted the fact that we will all name our own children when in fact that may not always be the case. it is not the story behind the name that is for granted.