Tuesday, November 24, 2009

baby t is an "other"

Yesterday I filled out a form to add T to my work insurance plan. I needed to complete the section titled "addition of dependent spouse and/or child." These were my options...

Legal spouse
Common law spouse
Natural son
Natural daughter


I was less than impressed with these options. I understand what they mean and given the common occurrence of blended families today they couldn't possibly include all potential categories (for lack of a better word). However, I would have preferred the word biological versus natural. Is T unnatural? And there must be a better way to format this form.

Why does it matter anyway to my employer whether or not my spouse is legal or common law? If my son entered our family through biology or adoption? A spouse should be a spouse and a child a child. Either way I need to show documentation that I have a dependent and my coverage doesn't change depending on how my child entered my family. (For that matter, what difference does it make if the child is male or female?).

Checking off the "other" box contributes to my feelings that I haven't earned motherhood. That I'm not a "real" mom. Thanks, Blue Cross, for your help in this.

Oh, and I will be writing them a letter. I've already got the name of the person to send it too. I can work for form at a time!


Kim said...

You go, girl!

Kara said...

I hope the letter writing gets a good response, if not, you can rest knowing you stood up for your son.

Aimee said...

In a world that is so concerned about being politically correct you think they could get something like this right! I think it’s good for you to let them know how stupid this form it. I hope they change it!!

luna said...

that is bizarre. good for you for changing the world one form at a time! you gotta start somewhere.